Sherpa Solutions

Sherpa Solutions has years of experience in a variety of technology applications. The following is a partial listing of our project accomplishment history:

• H.264 , MPEG2 and MP4 streams; SD and HD
• Personal Video Recorder (PVR) functionality - (Tivo-like)
• IP set-top-box (STB) design
• DVBS and DVBS2 tuner design
• MPEG2 multiplexers
• MPEG2 transport systems
• Polygon generation design
• Image manipulation - transpose/rotate/scale
• Anti-aliasing filter design
• Real Time simulator graphics generator design
• 1st single-chip STB ASIC
• Designed first and second generation of digital-STB ASICs
• ASICs for data recovery and digital descrambling of analog TV signals
• 1st advanced-analog-STB controller ASIC; pioneered use of DSP techniques
• Cable set-top-box (STB) design
• Voice based telephony compression recording technologies
• T-1 modem design
• Vector based display and display generator systems
• Microwave communications control systems

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